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From Introverted to Your Superpower!

How you can become a high potential leader without networking

“The Tami North Podcast”

A podcast for high achievers.

Full of motivating and actionable content to help you design the life and career of your dreams. Specially geared toward intorverted women who want to lead at the Senior Level wtihin thier organization.

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This is how you can work wtih me to

Design the Career and Life of Your Dreams

This is my premiere coaching program where I will guide you through my propriatary S.H.I.N.E process. In only six weeks, you will have the confidence to take control of your career and realize your ability to create the life you have always wanted.


6 Week Guided Career Coaching Program

Imagine knowing exactly what you want, making a plan to get it, then walking into your new career in just 6 weeks.

Proven Process

Guided coaching through my proprietary S.H.I.N.E process. This is the process that has taken me from a shy small farm-town girl to an enlisted Sailor, to a Naval Officer, and now to a very successful civilain career. I will guide you along your desired path, step by step.

Custom life & career vision statement

When you see your future self so clearly that you take action from her vision – your sucess will be inevitable. This program will help you find that ideal future version of you. You will develop a plan and learn to live in your future energy so you accomplish things you never dreamed.

Remove the barriers to your dream career

Are you done listening to other poeple’s opinions about who you are and what you’re capable of? This program will help you identify all the barriers in your way, real and percieved and then knock them out of your way, one by one. 

Complete mental transformation

Beleive it or not… almost everything that has been stopping you from the career and life you want is your own thoughts about your circumstance or yourself. Once you realize you can create anything simply by believeing it, you will forever have altered your life!

A few things we’re great at

I believe in the power of the introvert. Introverts make the best leaders in most cases. Besides guiding you to discover the superpowers you have been hiding, I will help you get your time and task management under control once and for all. Also, the process I teach you to improve your career can be used again and again for increasingly challenging goals. The sky is the limit. It is time that you let people see your value and become the powerful leader you were mean to be. 


Time and Task Management

How long have you been meaning to get your time and task managment in control. I have a simply powerful system that will make people wonder how keep it all together while you always seem ready to take on a bigger role.


Once you learn the process: use it for any goal or dream

During this proess, you will learn the step by step process that can be applied over and over to any goal you choose. In fact, the final step teaches you how to continuously evolve across your entire life!


Do the work and the course will pay for itself in 8 weeks!

So far, 100% of my clients have made back the money they spent on this program before the six weeks is up. The reason is simple. Improvements in your career almost always end up improving yuoru bnottom line. What are you waiting for?