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Curiosity and Courage

One of the main joys in life’s journey is the incredible people we meet along the way.  If we are lucky enough to call some of those people friends, then we are truly blessed.  I had coffee with my dear friend, Emily Bassett, this week.  I met her during a deployment on the USS Abraham…
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Are you a High Performer?

Take a good look in the mirror, who are you and who do you really want to be?  The road to success is going to take consistent effort and self-awareness.  I do believe you can do this, but I never said it would be easy.  You must be able to look at yourself and see…
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You Can See the Future: The Pre-mortem Technique

You DO have a crystal ball or a time machine and YES, you can see into the future with this magic tool.  This tool is called, the “Pre-mortem technique.”  It was developed by Gary Klein, and you can read about it in his book called, The Power of Intuition.  Ok, so the name may not…
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From Shy to Fly (Part 2)

Find Part one of this article by clicking here. During my second permanently assigned duty station in the Navy that, as I reflect, is where I made decisions that directly altered by path for the positive.  I was stationed in San Diego, California and was 22-25 years old during this period.  Even though I made…
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From Shy to Fly (Part 1)

I would like to tell you more about where I came from and why I know I can help you become the best you that you can be.  I could start with who I am today, which is a Program Manager, (or a Project Manager), leading a very large team with a Billion-dollar budget (phased…
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Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is one of my strengths, and I would not be where I am today if I did not show up with energy, with a purpose, and with the desire to be a good member of the teams, which I have been on in my life.  A Harvard Business Review  article listed positive and virtuous practices…
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3 Mindsets You Need to Become an Executive

This is one of my favorite Ted Talks, because it gives examples of positive action we can take, as women, to alter negative perceptions of successful women in the workplace.  The talk is given by Sheryl Sandberg.  She is the author of the book “Lean In” and “Option B”, and the COO of Facebook.  She…
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5 Ways to Find Your Purpose

I do believe we all have a purpose.  Some believe they were born with their purpose, some discover their purpose along the way, and for most, their purpose changes across the seasons of life.  It is becoming more common for a person in today’s world to value purposeful work over financial gain.  If you steer…
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Girl Goin’ Nowhere

I’m a rather average woman, I believe. Meaning, there are many, many women very much like me.  I have always had dreams and goals, and I have had the drive and grit to achieve most of them. I am still working on others. I plan to never quit dreaming! I hope all the girls, women,…
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Rocking Confidence!

You know the look:  That woman walking down the street, her head held high, slight smile, shoulders back, her steps flowing in long strides.  She exudes confidence, everything about her says she is about to take on the entire world, and one look at her says there is no doubt that she will.  What is…
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Why do I Care About You?

It has taken me over four decades to become who I am today.  I can look back and see, clearly, the experiences I have had that have led to the confidence I have today.  I have made mistakes and I have also made good decisions, as most people do in life.  I do have a…
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Looking for a Place to Shine

All my life, I have been “looking for a place to shine,” and I think I have found it.  Yes, this blog is part of that, but my place to “shine” is so much more.  I have found that I can shine at work, at home, and generally, anyplace that I go.  That is what…
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