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Something Worth Leaving Behind

What if we spent more time thinking about what we could make better rather than on everything that seems so wrong in the world? Imagine what a wonderful world that would be. All it takes is each one of us deciding that starting today, we will do our part. Are you ready to do something worth…
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5 Ways Successful Women Reduce Friction

You are the Engineer of Your Life It is possible to design a life that flows. You are in control of more things than you realize. These 5 ways to reduce friction will help you design a life around you that makes success look inevitable. One of the keys to creating a stress-free life is…
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10 Ways a Coach Will Boost Your Career

The decision to hire a career coach is a decision that you are no longer playing small. You are ready to get serious, to go pro.

Most people will NOT succeed: This is why YOU will.

Most people will NOT Succeed

This is why YOU Will I had a conversation with a young man who was about 27 years old and had a really tough go of things so far.  He did have the potential to succeed. He was getting divorced and was in a custody battle with his soon to be ex-wife. I met him because I…
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What if you Succeed?

Cross that goal line with the ball in hand You have a dream; it’s so big that you never thought you’d reach it.  Not in a million years.  The thing is, you have been going down the path toward that goal for a few years, and believe it or not, it seems like your BIG goal is…
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Get Out of Your Own Way

Your dream is just around the corner. Most of the roadblocks you are facing are within your own power to move. You know what you need to change. This worksheet will help you notice both the behaviors that are holding you back and the triggers that make it feel like you are powerless to stop.…
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Live a Much Better Life While You Use Less Energy

A Better Life is Within Your Reach A better life is within your reach and you can have it all while using less energy.  I want you to think of goal planning in a way that you haven’t considered before.  You have big dreams and plans and you are working really hard to make those dreams and…
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Interesting woman

Become the Most Interesting Woman in the World

Interesting women don’t take the easy way out I have never met an interesting woman with an easy life.  Think about the most intriguing, the most fascinating people you have ever met.  What about them caught your attention?  Did they overcome challenges? Maybe they seem to have extreme fun and excitement.  What risks did they take to become who…
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Business Etiquette: 5 Rules to Increase Executive Presence

What do you think about when someone mentions etiquette?  Maybe thoughts of a fancy 18th-century lady, who is the wife of a large landowner. She has invited the other wealthy ladies over for afternoon tea. These might be the thoughts that flash through your mind.  You imagine too many tiny pearl buttons, gloves, lace, and over-politeness.  You then…
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Too Much Time at the Bathroom Sink: Stop Debating Your Own Reflection

I went to see Miranda Lambert’s concert back in February.  (She is a popular country recording artist.)  She played a song called “Bathroom Sink”.   Here are a few of the lyrics: “It’s amazing the amount of rejection that I seeIn my reflection and I can’t get out of the wayI’m lookin’ forward to the girl I wanna…
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5 Areas of Your Life to Get In Control

If you take steps to get these 5 areas of your life to get under control, you’ll be amazed at how easy it will be to say YES when an unexpected opportunity comes your way! These five areas were chosen because when they are not in control, they will drain your energy, your creativity, and if they are bad enough they will…

Owning it: Take Responsibility for Your Success

Take control of your success Stop right where you are, where you are listening, I’d like to ask you to do something for yourself. Something powerful that will give you control of your life and your success from this day forward. If you are near a mirror – look into your own eyes. It is…
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Be Deliberate About Who You Allow into Your World

If you want to be a woman who is successful and is ready to take on the world, it is very important to decide who YOU want in YOUR life.

Work Your Money so it Can Work For You!

Work your Money so Your Money Will Work for You

Manage Your Money to Lead You to Success Money is one of the most powerful forces in our life. It is the resource that, at its simplest form, we trade for food, shelter, and clothing, and in many cases, so much more. Money is at the heart of independence for young people just starting their…
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Design a Space you Love So You Can Be Ready for Anything!

Why Creating a Space You Adore leads to a Life You Love Take a look around you, at home, at your office, and even your car. If any of these are very cluttered or dirty, they will drain your energy, distract your mind with things you know you should be doing, and reduce how open…
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Drive Up the Ladder to Success While Stuck in Traffic: How to Improve Your Commute

Commute Times are on the Rise! You spend far too much time commuting. Take deliberate steps to change your career trajectory while you are stuck in traffic! According to the 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-year estimates, the average time commuters spend during their morning or evening commute is 26.1minutes and rising.  The definition of a…
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The Secret to Turn your Perfect Day Dream Into Your Actual Tomorrow

My early life, struggling as a single mom I did not plan on becoming a single mom, but there I was. I was in the Navy, 26 years old, a Second-Class Petty Officer and Adalida was 18 months old. We were getting by, but nothing was easy.  I dreamed of transforming my life, I dreamed…
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How to Stop Crying and Screaming: Control the ripple effect of your emotions

How often do you DECIDE to react negatively to those around you? I’ve see you out there, when I am out and about, at a restaurant, at the grocery store, at the airport.  I saw it just this afternoon.  I stopped to get a coffee at a café near the beach, and there was a…
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Growing Together: Finding a Mentor or Becoming a Mentor

What is a mentor?   The definition of a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser or an experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.  A mentor can either be a formal relationship where a school or a company may actually “assign” you a mentor, or it…
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How to be Brave Enough to Reach Your Goals

Do you have a dream that is SO big that you believe you will never get there? Maybe you’d have to move to a big city to accomplish this goal, and that thought is really scary when you are young and just starting out. What if I told you that you do not have to…
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