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Gender Equality Could Take 100 Years and What Can be Done

The Incredible Transformation for Gender Equality at Salesforce One of our amazing listeners in Colorado, and a definite Genuine Driven Woman, shared a very interesting 60 Minutes interview with us last week. It was an interview Leslie Stahl did with the CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff. In this interview, Marc discussed how he made it…
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Growing Together: Finding a Mentor or Becoming a Mentor

What is a mentor?   The definition of a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser or an experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.  A mentor can either be a formal relationship where a school or a company may actually “assign” you a mentor, or it…
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What is Executive Presence?

According to Suzanne Bates, author of the book, All the Leader You Can Be, “Executive presence is the ability of the leader to engage, align, inspire, and move people to act.”  Sylvia Ann Hewlitt, the author of Executive Presence, defines it as: “A measure of image: whether you signal to others that you are star…
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Other People’s Opinion of YOUR Dream

Have you ever felt a moment of clarity, or heard some inner voice calling out to you, telling you to go in a particular direction in life? I know this happens many times and with varying levels of intensity across life. It could be related to love, family, creativity, or it could be something bigger,…
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From Shy to Fly (Part 2)

Find Part one of this article by clicking here. During my second permanently assigned duty station in the Navy that, as I reflect, is where I made decisions that directly altered by path for the positive.  I was stationed in San Diego, California and was 22-25 years old during this period.  Even though I made…
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Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is one of my strengths, and I would not be where I am today if I did not show up with energy, with a purpose, and with the desire to be a good member of the teams, which I have been on in my life.  A Harvard Business Review  article listed positive and virtuous practices…
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