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Why do I Care About You?

Be the Best You that YOU can be!

It has taken me over four decades to become who I am today.  I can look back and see, clearly, the experiences I have had that have led to the confidence I have today.  I have made mistakes and I have also made good decisions, as most people do in life.  I do have a daughter, as of this article date, she is 21 years old.  I watch her struggling and I see her succeeding.  As I watch her, I frequently wish that I could give her 21 year old self the confidence that I have gained throughout my 4o+ years of  life.  Why shouldn’t she be more confident sooner than I was?  Why would I want her to wait another of her lifetimes to gain this confidence?  Can I give her some advice that would help her to “own it” sooner?  I do think a lot of what presents itself as “confidence” is simply a realization that one does not have to “apologize” for being a successful woman.  I want all women and girls to learn that as early as they can.  I want them to feel the “drive” to succeed and not to feel like they are wrong for having that feeling.  That is why I care about YOU and all the women and girls who may read this blog.  YOU are amazing and you are succeeding, and that is OK!  I am simply here to help you realize what is already inside of you and to give you some other tips and tricks for success I have learned along the way.


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